December 26, 2003

GV Time

Grass Valley time is a weird phenomenon that usually only affects my family during the holidays when we have nowhere to be early in the morning. Since my mom & stepdad's house is a ways out of town, there's not much around and this time of year is pretty cold, so we usually stay inside, a little tired from the 7 or 8 hour drive. Dinner's usually later as well, and so no one goes to bed til around 2 or 3 am (last night Bryn waited til 4), and then wake up at around noon.

It's easy to do this if we get caught up in a book or movie or something like that, but hard to readjust to once we're back in Santa Barbara. Still, until then all we have to do is lounge around in the same clothes for 3 days without a shower (which gives them all the time to attract as much pet hair as possible) and we're in the perfect Grass Valley time state of mind.

Ah, sloth. It's the American way.

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