March 30, 2004

Bono Speaking Foremostly... Or Something

@U2 honcho Matt McGee points out, in lieu of Yer Man's inclusion on the World's Foremost Speakers tour:

I don't know. It all sounds pretty uncool to me. Didn't he used to be a singer in a rock and roll band?
Yeah, I think he did. Oh, and the album is supposed to be out in November.


In other U2 news, Q magazine basically rips off Bill Flanagan's classic tome "U2 At The End Of The World" in their latest article about the glory that was U2's Zoo TV tour. No quotes are directly lifted, but the content is close enough for our Dubious Ventures experts to have agreed that Flanagan has a substantial cause of action against Q, and if he doesn't take it, he's... well... a big pussy who works for VH1.

Wait a sec....

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