March 20, 2004

The FCC are Whores and Chickenshits

So they now declare Bono's Golden Globe award F-bomb indecent, but they're not gonna fine him. Way to stand on both sides of the fence, guys. What's funny is that this isn't even the most offensive part. The song that U2 won for, "The Hands That Built America", is one of their absolute worst, phoned-in performances ever, and the fact that such bilge was rewarded is mightily offensive to this U2 fan.

Besides, this wasn't even the first time Bono said something like this. 10 years ago when accepting a Grammy for Zooropa, he promised U2 would "continue to abuse our position and fuck up the mainstream". Puritannical idiots everywhere went ballistic, but were soon drowned out by the multitudes of folks angry that Sinatra was cut off during a rambling, but revealing, lifetime achievement acceptance speech. Interesting that this hasn't been brought up in the recent brouhaha. Or has it?

Anyway, this new album better be damn good, and same with the tour (and that one's gotta be a mite cheaper, boyos).

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