May 19, 2004

Troy Sucks!

Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks!!!!!!!!!!

Whew. Got that outta my system. Really, though, it's a wretched film only marginally better than the lame-ass "Helen of Troy" that USA subjected us to last year. Hollywood took Homer and fucked him right in the ass. Bryns rule is the older the subject matter, the more likely the film is to suck, and he also says that he hates the idea of some dumbass modern writer who thinks they can do it better than Homer.

This isn't just about mini-nitpicks like Lord of the Rings. I didn't really care that those movies were changed much cause very little in terms of basic plot was actually alterd. Troy, however, kills people that aren't supposed to die, like say Menelaus, who goes happily home to Sparta and lives into old age. Of course there were characters omitted, and of course the writing was awful, but meddling with Homer like this is just stupid.

Scenery and costumes were nice though. Sean Bean was good too. That's about it. Two thumbs way, way down.

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  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    I agree!

    And hey, you have comments now! Go you! :)

    Glad to be done with the certificate program now?



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