August 14, 2004


The place, the city, the state of mind. This is an interesting town- it has pieces of most everywhere I've been in California. Funny that the closer you get to the beach in Ventura and Oxnard, the more farm fields there are.

Anyway, moving of course means I had to re-register to vote. By mail. Which I will photocopy as a, um, "souvenir" of my 28th birthday if/when the election goes our way, which it seems likely to at this point despite the Iowa Futures skew toward the president. Also, since Jon Neal is now running things out in Colorado, we might have some kind of freakiness going on there again anew. Nothing like say, changing Aspen to Fat City, but close.

If you're reading this (and it's okay to say so) you know that the band is now recording our album here. Honey White tramps up to the bay about once a month to track our (eventually) forthcoming debut full length CD/cassette/vinyl/coaster release. Cringe in fear, all four of you.

Oh, I was talking about Ventura. Well, there's not much else about it right now. I'll say something if we land a gig, how about that?

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