January 17, 2005

Blowing All The Other Kids Away

This Secret Machines album is kicking my ass. Specifically, tracks 4 and 5, "Nowhere Again" and "The Road Leads Where It's Led". Bryn played the disc for me several times, and like these things usually do, it took a while to set in, but when it did, we were driving on Interstate 5 in the no man's land between LA and Bakersfield on the way to Grass Valley for the holidays. Man, the Grapevine/Gorman area is a prety bleak-looking place- it's where the San Andreas Fault cuts through the area bordering LA/Ventura/Kern counties. Everything way grey and brown, and you could see the folded geology from when the rocksides were blasted open to put the road through.

Anyway, the album, or specifically, those 2 songs, are on Drive-Everyone-Else-Nuts-Repeat mode for me right now. Reviews will say that they're a cross between krautrock road-tunes and Zeppelin. The latter I can hear in the drums. The former I have no frame of reference for at all.

So, that's all. I'm still bent out of shape over the possibility of us invading Iran. Ridiculous. Anyone who believes that is willfully endangering this country and everyone in it, and should be mocked back under the filthy slime they arose from.

Bryn's theory on "Now Here Is Nowhere" is that it's chock-full of the best kind of anti-war protests- smart, cliche-free, well-built metaphors juxtaposed with more direct language in just the right balance. Sounds good to me, bro. Way to use them interpretive skills.

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