January 12, 2005

Grow Up and Get Over It, Part MCXXVIII

In the spirit of meticulous research into the not-so-stinky cesspool of liberal academia, let me present Exhibit A of Why UCSB Students Are Even Dumber Than When I Was There:

Using the front of the class as a platform for spouting off their personal political agendas is not the right of any professor.
But wait, there's more:
Questions arise at that moment: Will my grade be affected if I dare say something that goes against my professor’s school of thought? Is that a risk I’m willing to take? Do I just bite my lip and let these irrelevant and discriminating comments continue? That is precisely why I feel that it is my responsibility to speak up now. I have one request to the professors teaching the youth of this country: Hold back your personal political opinions until after class, and do what teachers are supposed to do. Teach, don’t preach!
News flash, babe: at a populous university like UCSB you might just come into contact with opinions and points of view that directly clash with yours, and getting passive-aggressively huffy over hearing offhand boilerplate remarks doesn't really point to the security of your own beliefs. The last time I checked, in this country it was indeed the right of any professor, or anyone for that matter, to make a fool of themselves by randomly spouting off undercooked political rhetoric anywhere or any time- be it on cable news, from a concert stage, at the head of a lecture hall, or in the Reader's Voice. Everyone on both sides is doing it these days, and claiming offense seems very thin-skinned and naive on your part- unless, of course, the College Republicans put you up to it.

Look, the education that you paid for isn't made to order, but if you get your money's worth, you'll definitely be able to endure your professors' political harping. Remember, they have to fight over tenure, publishing, and a relatively low salary just for the privilege of telling you the President sucks. How many conservative "intellectuals" would give up their cushy op-ed columns, talk radio gigs, and think-tank jobs to do that, and without an expensive lecture-circuit gig in Campbell Hall?

Yep, Big Fat Zero. You're welcome.

Update (1/13/05): The Nexus ran this as a LTE. Ah, the Nexus. My name hasn't appeared in those pages (specifically, in Artsweek bylines) in many moons. I'm sure they count their blessings every day.

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