January 26, 2005

MLB in Vegas by 2008?

Via Rob's catch at 6-4-2. I agree that the Devil Rays should just go ahead and move now. Tampa/St. Petersburg doesn't care, and Rob's right in that they'll be marginally more competetive vs. the AL West (specifically, Texas and Seattle).

We can get used to the standings right now:

Anaheim (oops, that's, um, the Los Angeles Somethings of Somewhere)
Las Vegas

Cause really, someone tell me when the Rangers will contend for anything. If they go to the postseason at all (which, come to think of it, they almost did last year), I'm going to be superficial enough to say that it's only because their ex-part-owner is now in the White House.

No, I know that makes no sense. Ask me if I care. Anyway, since this is supposed to be about a new Las Vegas baseball team and the Devil Rays (a lame name, no?) are the likely replacements, will they rename themselves a la the Montreal Expos becoming the Washington DC Nationals? Any ideas? This could be like all those great drunken nights trying to Name Your Band:

The Las Vegas...
Card Sharks?
Elvis Impersonators?
Quickie Weddings?

Ah, I can imagine Vin Scully's voice saying it, too: "Now pitching for the Strippers, it's an old hand named Joe Blow. Blow, who has taken a lot off recently in terms of his screwball, hails from Podunk, BFE, and he cut his teeth in college with Cal State Fullerton before..."

Or hell, the Las Vegas Elvis Impersonators could have bitchin' uniforms. The only question would be real or fake rhinestones on those jumpsuits. Guess they'd have to keep the payroll low for the real rocks. No sliding, either.


Let the water wars begin.

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