January 13, 2005

Snow, Raid, Mud, and Death

Heavy, heavy shit just 5 minutes up the road in La Conchita. The kind of storm that usually makes us Californians look like pussies ("Wow! There's snow in the Santa Ynez mountains!") has instead buried people in mud and demolished families. It's a silly comparison, and I'll probably offend everyone involved, but it's like the Indian Ocean tidal wave on a highly localized scale, and the pictures are a nightmare. Anything helps.

Fresh off bitch-slapping our already NCLB-abused teachers, the Gropinator declared Ventura County a disaster area, and if he can convince President Pinhead to make it one of federal status the lost 3 days of no school need not be made up, funding-wise. Also, the 101 is closed over the weekend so we're cut off from Santa Barbara and points north- the 126 is closed past Fillmore to Magic Mountain. People are taking a ferry from Ventura to SB to commute to their jobs. There's shit and debris everywhere on the beach and the harbor is full of slime. Building websites for people- hell, going to work- seems like fiddling during a fire. But here I am anyway.

2005 is shaping up to be a banner year for Random Acts of Destruction, not to mention the on-going pre-emptive ones. Better stop there. Nick would bitch-slap me himself if he read that.

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