February 10, 2005

Fun With Maps, Part I

So, how about a new-running series for the old D.V.? Quick, name this super-state that's right on the brink of amalgamacreation!

That's right, it's Islamofundiestan! Thanks to "free" elections in Iraq, continuing instability in Afghanistan, and an oh-so-close-to nuclear Iran, the map of the Middle East may be getting much, much simpler in the future. Even so, I doubt that most of my fellow Americans will still be able to find anything on it.

This all stems from something I kind of remember reading about in the fifth grade (when I wasn't nerdily paying attention to the '88 election): somthing like 95% of American high school seniors couldn't find Iran on a map. Around half of the same population couldn't find the USSR- at that time, the biggest country on any map! A shocking handful of these kids couldn't even locate the USA on a map.

Hell, I was 11 at the time and I still knew every fucking capital of every country and I could draw all their maps. Freehand.

I wonder if those numbers have changed at all in sixteen years.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Yea I doubt those numbers have changed--if they have, they've just shifted to ignorance of other countries. Maybe they can find Iraq and Iran now. Of course now that the USSR is defunct, I wonder how many could pick out, say, Russia.

    Hehe and I think you were probably the kid that threw off their whole study, and if you partook in it, they were like "Darn that kid and actually KNOWING where stuff is."

    I remember in 7th grade we were given a blank map of Europe and we had to label the countries and their capitals. I'd like to think I still remember it all, but I haven't exactly been tested lately. :)


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