May 24, 2005


Cause it's late but I haven't been here in a bit:

Biked to/from work on Friday, yesterday, and today, and undid it all with some chocolate ice cream. Yargh.

There is still freedom to filibuster in this country, and I like that, even though I do not participate per se. All of you with busters to fill, though, go to it, people.

U2 is wrapping up their 1st leg in Beantown. The Fly is still kicking ass.

The Padres will take no one's shit, not even Craig Counsell's, who by all accounts is a very nice guy.

May in California is still fantastically beautiful.

Haven't heard from Lt. Nick in a bit, but haven't written him in a little bit. Hang in there, man.

The Coral Sea is very cool and their CD release show was a treat. Bodie is my new favorite band from the OC (though don't know if I had an old one). I'd love to play gigs with either of them.

Our Honey White CD is selling. (?!?) Wow!

So, not so erudite. No, not at 11:10. Nighty-night.

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