July 27, 2005

I'm Stupid, Part XXVIII

So I was checking around for some info on U2's Oslo set and I come across this on a great French fansite:

01. Vertigo 02. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock 03. Electric Co. 04. Elevation 05. Last Night On Earth 06. Beautiful Day 07. Until The End Of The World 08. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 09. City Of Blinding Lights 10. Miracle Drug 11. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own 12. Love And Peace Or Else 13. Staring At The Sun 14. Fast Cars 15. Miss Sarajevo 16. Please 17. Where The Streets Have No Name 18. One

Rappel : 19. Ultraviolet 20. The Fly 21. Crumbs From Your Table 22. All Because of You 23. Electrical Storm 24. Vertigo

...which I immediately posted a few other places and went "wow!" Granted, I had some caveats there like "if this is for real" and stuff but if I could actually read French I'd have known it was a joke set. First time I've fallen for something like this.

Oh well.

I should have explained why this set caught my eye- and why I'm such a sucker. Please & Staring At The Sun are two Pop album songs that were played occassionally on the Elevation tour. Ultraviolet and Last Night On Earth were great workhorses from Zoo TV and PopMart respectively that have not been played since their respective tours and have no logical reason to be brought out now (though the band has un-mothballed Zoo Station). Fast Cars, Electrical Storm and Crumbs are 3 newer songs that haven't been played yet. Everything else has seen some airtime on this year's tour- lending a little credence- yep, even the obscure Miss Sarajevo and also Wild Horses (which went unplayed for over a decade til this past June).

What should also have tipped me off that this was bogus was the absence of the "war is hell" part of the set: Love & Peace/Sunday Bloody Sunday/Bullet/Running To Stand Still (since replaced by Sarajevo). It's the first peak of the show, before the Zoo TV one-two redux of Zoo Station & The Fly.


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