July 11, 2005

So, the Reunion

In short it was very enjoyable and not really anything like I'd expected. Everyone there seemed happy to find out about the people everyone had become. Most everyone looked the same too. No fair naming names of those who didn't (but I'm one of them). I knew what kind of night it would be when Nurick (sober or not) seemed to test things out with a horrible shriek while everyone was eating. Silence, then stares, then, uh, smiles. Oh, it's just Ben- didn't he ever learn to be melodramatic! Something like that. Still, the congenial vibe did nothing to alter my urge for Strong Drink, but in the spirit of compromise I mostly stuck to beer- that is, until Brandon said "here, have some of this nice vodka!" Bustamante and I began immediately planning a double bill with our two bands (he plays bass for Crosby in Attached By Wires). Holly just laughed. She apparently enjoyed being the only woman at the table

Like I said, no major appearance changes. The guys were suave (or close enough) and the women were all hot, notably also those who were pregnant. What the hell- envy is for the maggot-brained. Except for a few notable cases I was not unrecognized, and apparently look badass when bald, according to Cota at least. The coolest part was that the first thing people said after "hello" was "so... you're in a band?" like graphic design was second to that. I wasn't even drunk yet and the egomania was already upon me. Also about that- and this is weirdly ironic- I noticed that by the end of the night those of us who were having trouble holding our liquor all happened to be the ones who went to UCSB. Again, no fair naming names, but that was mildly amusing in a totally non-judgemental way.

Long and Tara emceed a slide show that was less an exercise in nostalgia and more of a Trip Through Colette's Rap Sheet. I spent less time watching the slides than watching everyone else watch them. They also charged through a series of questions mostly for the sake of those who had racked up numbers- either in years married, distance traveled, or (and this was undoubtedly only for Stephanie Spencer) number of divorces. Her response was right on- "fuck you Long, you motherfucker!" Again, or something like that. Skye indiscriminately dragged everyone out to dance. I tried to say something about how this is why I learned to play guitar, so I wouldn't have to learn to dance- and she merely pointed at Bustamante and Crosby (who were getting uninhibited) and had the decency to not call me a pussy before getting me out there. She knew I lied- hey, as a bass player I have some rhythm.

Oh, and Nick got his props as well (and not just in that I supplied an Air Guitar slideshow pic of him in silver spandex). When Tara mentioned that he was in Iraq people went from surprise (not shock) to confident acceptance in a strikingly short time, especially once they found out that he controls the big fuck-off tanks, and that his men have an able leader. When he gets back here we'll be so happy to see him that his feet won't touch the ground.

Many people (mostly women), to their credit, were happy to humor me and listen to me yak on and on about my band, especially (all maiden names supplied cause I don't remember their married names) Jessica Stalin, Alyssa Maitino, Jenny Eckl and Karey Fellers. Most everyone had the same reaction as Nick did to news of me and Emily and our 7 unmarried years, but J.C. put it best- "Dude, what the fuck are you waiting for?" Well fine, see if you all get invited then. Just kidding. Everyone's spouses were cool, everyone's baby pictures were cute, all that stuff. It wasn't at all like there was a married side and an unmarried side to the thing- people didn't care, and again, everyone's spouses were troupers.

The location was strange- I'd never been there before. The Remick Mansion is in the airport area of Irvine/Newport, surrounded by five-star hotels and office towers. Another reunion being held nearby ended up filtering into ours- and they said ours was much better. Who bailed? Hessel. Carlos Betancourt. Sam Smrekar. Kelly Miles. All folks (save Sam) that I haven't seen in way too long. They'll have to wait then. Another best part was (for me) having the lifers there- like Maile Malin and JC. There were a few others from elementary school too- everyone who's known how to say my name since we were six.

Anyway, from what I saw- nothing excessively sentimental or cheesy or whatever else these things are supposed to be like. That's just me, but I liked it.

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  1. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Glad you had fun! Only 2 years till I have mine. Where the hell does the time go?! I'm not sure how many people I care about from back then, but it'd be interesting to see what's happened to them in the last decade.



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