July 31, 2005

Young Prince Is Crowned

Yep, Ryno's in Cooperstown. Here's his classy induction speech (via Tony The Great Podcaster).

Ryne Sandberg was my favorite player when I was in little league. I was never on a team that had a Cub uniform, though. One year I was even a Cardinal. I don't know who to apologize to about that.

Today Emily saw a photo of Sandberg at his induction and another from his playing days and she said "you guys even look a bit alike too." She didn't specify how but that wasn't really necessary. Did I mention she's a keeper?

Now I wish I could find those damn baseball cards. No no, my mom didn't toss them, like so many moms did of my dad's generation. I think they just got lost in the recent move from I.V. to Ventura...

Next (and this is for J.C.): Paging Mr. Gwynn...

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