August 22, 2005

Sean Goes To Africa, Continued

Not content with the fame that goes with having a Honey White song named for him, our buddy Sean Blaschke is in the early stages of a cross-continental drive across Africa, after 2 years working for the Peace Corps in the Gambian bush and 1 year working in the capital. Now he and Tuuli and some friends are barreling across the Sahara in what looks like a Stingray, and even better, he's blogging it. Sean's mass emails from the bush over the past few years have been vividly Hunter Thompson-esque, so I figured I should give the man and his crew some publicity.

They have a flickr group for all their photo-documentation...


  1. WHO is that man in the picture, Keir?? cause damn.

  2. More like a man-boy. He is a friend of ours from UC Santa Barbara. Sean is the kind of guy you love to be around if you're gonna do something that would get you in trouble, cause he never gets caught. That may be exaggerating a bit, but not by much.

    His letters/emails from the Gambian bush are crazed screeds of breathless verbiage, overflowing with life and probably not entirely true (but who cares if it's a good story, right?).


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