September 26, 2005

Ed Is Dead

Yep, the big blue beast called Edgar, the car I learned to drive in, the co-mascot of Honey White, was finally towed out of my life last Friday. That's him right next to Bryn's old '81 green monster. Ed the Volvo had been sitting idle and unregistered (from a failed smog check), collecting dust from the farm field next door, for two months, while I biked to work. Once I got ahold of Lis' Jetta Ed's days were certainly numbered, but I think ditching the Volvo had been a virtual certainty ever since he unceremoniously died on the 101 in San Jose last October, trying to get home from the studio where the band made our latest CD. That and Em was tired of giving her Honda Trevor all the heavy road-trip work since then. Mostly, though, it's all my fault, for the single pathetic reason that it was the outward manifestation of my inability to perform even the most basic auto maintenance.

The car's best years were gone before I ever got it, but it's been in my family since 1988, its year of issue. My grandpa bought it for my grandma after her lima-bean-green colored Volvo wagon crapped out at around my 11th birthday. I didn't see it too much unil five of six years later, when it came to my mom, who drove it into the ground driving her three kids everywhere. Much to the chagrin of Nick, Jon, and Kevin, I was not in fact the first of the four of us to get my driver's license, but (I think) the last. I didn't legally drive the big blue Volvo til I was about 17 and a half. About five months of total freedom followed, but it ended when I got grounded (for the only time) after conspiring with the three above-mentioned guys to throw the infamous New Year's 1995 party during our senior year of high school. My girlfriend at the time wasn't amused, I'll bet, that she had to drive me everywhere for a bit, or at least until I got my first job at the Saddleback bookstore after I finished high school. I drove that car to work almost every day, but ironically it was Bryn who pushed the thing to 90 on the freeway one time, as he came to get me from work.

The car stayed with my mom until about 2001, or maybe a bit earlier, but it wasn't actually signed over to me til spring 2002, by which time it had already driven up and down the state many times, adding to the steady wear and tear it had already endured. I promptly forced it to do much, much more, all for the sake of rock and roll- or, more accurately, my own ignorant, selfish willpower. It never really had a name- sometimes it was "the big blue beast", but only when Bryn's was "the big green monster", but it was forever christened Edgar one night in Isla Vista after someone wrote "Edgar Sucks" on its dirty windows. Probably just a neighborhood kid, but that didn't matter- the car now had a name, and, unfortunately, a mission: To Suck Like No Volvo Has Ever Sucked Before.

Yes, my volvo and Bryn's were the inspiration for Billy's cover design on the first Honey White CD, but the car quickly became undependable, and to someone like me who knows fuckall about cars and their workings, this was Unforgivable. Oh sure, I was to blame, but hey, I've learned my lesson, and if a car can last from '88-'05 with only a dozen or so instances of total, absoulute failure, then it's earned the right to either a jalopied rebirth or a merciful junkyard demolition. Emily even sang it a song once it was gone:

"good bye edgar,
good bye edgar,
good bye edgar,
he will suck no more"

Which is cute, but I still think it's just cause she's glad Trevor won't be handling all the hard work now. It's almost too bad that my sister's- now my- Jetta was already well known as Scooter, cause we could surely have some good names for it. Funnily enough, though, it is now the Jetta that bears the license plate frame which reads "Honey White: My Band Rocks".


  1. Hooray for Jettas!! Hmm my first car was also a 1988 vehicle, but it died LOOOONG before yours did.

  2. OH no! .. it finally is gone :( ... the blue volvo was the symbol of dubois for me during my high school days. Always seeing it around town, lis driving it, taking it to in-n-out sometimes.. it was such a beast.. and then seeing it IV while visiting you two over the early 2000's ... and I think i might have slightly chipped the back left red tailight when I tried to help load an amp after that Nov 02 Honey White show (sorry!) .. but through it all, i've been super jealous of all it's quaint charming parts.. oh edgar, we'll miss you!


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