September 18, 2005

Two Days at Chavez Ravine

Rob's adventures in Cubland prompted another Dubious baseball post, however insubstantial (and nothing really to do with Em and I seeing an Angel game last night). No, this one concerns the Dodgers, currently in the dumper and way behind my Padres (as Ted likes to say). The above photo is from last year when we saw L.A. win their only playoff game in a losing effort to St. Louis (who of course went on to lose the World Series to Boston). It was the only Dodger home game of the series and the place was going absolutely apeshit. Jose Lima pitched a great game and Shaun Green hit two home runs (so, of course this year they were traded to other teams). Though the vibe at the stadium was pretty ecstatic, there were already hints of the thug-fest it would become this year. Cardinals fans were abused without mercy by the hometown crowd, and were often escorted out for their own protection.

Anyway, it was a great game and reminded me that I hadn't been to a Dodger game since 1996, when coincidentally I also saw a playoff game, this time against Atlanta (who won, then went on to lose to the Yankees in the World Series). I went to the game with two of my friends from UCSB, Anny and Elizabeth, who were blissfully ignorant of the danger their Brave-rooting placed us in (notice my weak "I hope we get out of here alive" smile in the above photo). I actually remember very little about that game, but 8 years is a long stretch between Dodger games for someone like me who grew up and then went to school in Southern California.

So yeah, the Angel game was pretty dull last night til Garrett Anderson and Miguel Cabrera made it interesting (and, as Matt said, similar to 2002) in the 8th. We also listened to the wild and crazy Padre game on the radio on the way home, where the Pads came back to beat Washington in extra innings on the strength of a Khalil Greene grand slam and Ramon Hernandez walkoff 3-run blast.

Next time we gotta find a way to get one of those free givaway binders. Maybe kidnap a junior high student or something.


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Wow, you've got quite a record going. You go to a Dodger game, the opposing team goes on to the World Series but then loses. You are cursing the other teams!

    I am ashamed to admit that I don't think I've ever been to a Dodger game. What sort of SoCal girl am I?! I've been to a few Angels games though, so I think that makes up for it. Angel stadium was closer to me and easier to get into/out of than Dodger stadium. Plus, now that the Dodgers are sucking I don't feel bad saying that I've always been more of an Angels fan. :)


  2. I know, L.A.'s opponents don't do well in World Series play after they come within 100 yards of my bad self.

    I don't remember what my overall record is, though- I think I've been to around 20 games in my life- most of them in San Diego at this point- but I can't really remember who won most of them. Except for the last 2 years, it probably wasn't the Padres. Since being stomped by the Yankees in the '98 Series, they were in last til 2004, when they finished 3rd. Hopefully they'll hang in there this year and stay in 1st.

  3. Oh yea and I also wanted to mention that I can't believe you not only sat with your friends, but stuck with them through the game! I don't think I could be friends with a Braves fan...I can't stand the stupid tomahawk chop thing! So un-PC! ;)



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