October 17, 2005


I am a bitchy traveler, and I am ashamed of it. Still, our jaunt to Beantown was not ruined by me, oh no. Em was resolved to Have Fun, and so we did:

Day 1
Well, I mostly skipped this one. Jetlagged as hell, I stayed at Lis’ new pad in Back Bay, reading about the joyful origins of Australian history, while Em and Lis walked around the neighborhood. I don’t remember what they did. I do remember seeing the Padres eliminated from the postseason right before I zonked out cold on the plane to Logan.

Day 2
All the art museums are open for free on Columbus Day and so we take in a fair few, especially the Museum of Fine Art which is in the midst of an assault from a crazy philanthropist who dumped the America’s Cup boats on the front lawn. Then we hit Fenway, but got the short tour as the old yard was under repair- 3000 new seats were being shoved in. Later that night, we had the distinct pleasure of watching the Yankees lose- and end their season- while we drank beer in a Boston bar. Everyone was an Angel fan that night.

Day 3
Took the T up to Cambridge and loitered around Harvard and such. Oh, almost forgot- Em’s introduction to Boston’s public transport was seeing a rat on the tracks as soon as she walked in. We also took a walk around Lis’ school, BU, and cruised by Berklee, where I saw tons of more talented musicians than myself. This town is full of college kids- I’d forgotten that there were about 200 or so colleges here.

Day 4
The inevitable Duck Tour gave us a Zodiac-eye view of the city from the Charles River, and we also bounced through Beacon Hill and enjoyed Boston traffic without actually having to drive in it. People drive like freaks here. We also endure some Christian Science hoo-ha later for the sake of stepping into the Mapparium, a giant, hollow, lit-up globe.

Day 5
Actually a continuation of Day 4, since I failed to sleep before catching our 5am cab to Logan. Experienced a truly heinous feeling while stuck in my seat, dead tired, and unable to sleep while flying over Wyoming and Utah. Then I drove like a bastard back home and pathetically passed out. Did I mention I’m a shitty traveler? Of course I had fun. I just wish we hadn’t taken red-eyes.

October 05, 2005


Keir DuBois has been steadily destroying his own credibility in print and pixel for over a decade. As Chief Creative Officer at BBM&D Strategic Branding in Ventura, CA, Keir gets paid to be awesome by producing and managing graphic design and web development projects until his brain bleeds. His colleagues have declined to comment on Keir’s mercurial creative fits (and propensity to speak in the third person), and yet humor him anyway.

A recovering music journalist, he has written unnecessarily opinionated spew for both the UCSB Daily Nexus and the Santa Barbara Independent. Abusing the English language in writing has allowed Keir to further inflate his ego despite the fact that he is constantly becoming older, fatter, and balder than he once was.

Keir has also helped several obscure local rock bands inflict themselves upon the world via his allegedly clever lyrics and gloriously rudimentary bass guitar skills. Plus there’s all that random geography trivia to show off. No, seriously. I mean, can you draw a map of the world, freehand? Keir can do that.

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