October 05, 2005


Keir DuBois has been steadily destroying his own credibility in print and pixel for over a decade. As Chief Creative Officer at BBM&D Strategic Branding in Ventura, CA, Keir gets paid to be awesome by producing and managing graphic design and web development projects until his brain bleeds. His colleagues have declined to comment on Keir’s mercurial creative fits (and propensity to speak in the third person), and yet humor him anyway.

A recovering music journalist, he has written unnecessarily opinionated spew for both the UCSB Daily Nexus and the Santa Barbara Independent. Abusing the English language in writing has allowed Keir to further inflate his ego despite the fact that he is constantly becoming older, fatter, and balder than he once was.

Keir has also helped several obscure local rock bands inflict themselves upon the world via his allegedly clever lyrics and gloriously rudimentary bass guitar skills. Plus there’s all that random geography trivia to show off. No, seriously. I mean, can you draw a map of the world, freehand? Keir can do that.

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