November 02, 2005


J.C. and Sam were both happy to remind me that I am still a year older than they are, and one year closer to 30. Meh and Whatever. Most creative people don't hit their peak until 40 anyway. As long as their friends still give them hell for it, things will be fine.

Anyway, one year ago I wrote a weepy little spam-rant about the election results, making some people laugh, some cry, and some wonder how the hell I found their email addresses. I won't do that again. I will note that the president is at 35% and slipping, and the Big Dick is at a flaccid 19%. Oh, how time hurts us all.

I can't decide if it's cool or not to have a car that shares the nickname of a man under indictment for lying like a whiny little punk. At least my car isn't on crutches yet. Libby can rot in hell.

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