January 12, 2006

Isla Vista Uber Alles Survey

Yes, that's Brian on his birthday in front of a couch fire, 1999.

Favorite UCSB dorm?
well, since I had to share my San Raf room with an Iranian terrorist, I’ll go with Santa Cruz.

How many bike accidents were you in?
Zero! No, of course that can’t be true, but I don’t remember any.

How many times did you bike under the influence?
I don’t remember. No, really, I don’t.

Receive any citations in the dorms from friendly RA's?
I don’t think I had a permanent RA all year. They all bailed on us. Maybe they hated us.

How many blocks would you walk for an IV party?
Well, when I wasn’t at the Bedrock (the epicenter of everything in the Year Of Our Decadence 1997), it was however many blocks to Jon’s (‘95/’96), or Bryn’s (everything else). Many blocks. I hated going to random parties, but that didn’t mean that never happened.

Where did you live?
What, for all 9 years that I was there? I mean, uh, for all 4.5 years I was at school and all 4.5 years I hung around to work and band and stuff?
95/96: Santa Cruz
96/97: San Raf
97-99: Bedrock, 65(17?) Sabado.
99/00: Penthouse, Abrego
00-04: 66 block of Picasso
Shit, that’s a lotta rent down the drain.

Beer bong or keg stand?
Beer. Just beer. Shut up.

Has beer ever been spilled on you from the balcony party above?
Anyone who says no to this (i.e. Nicole) is a lying lying liar. This happened to me many times. Perhaps someone was trying to tell me something.

What is your most prized possession stolen from your house?
I don’t think anything of mine was stolen. I was super-paranoid about locking up.

Have you experienced a foam party?

Ever been to a College FF party?
Not really. Bryn and I ended up at Nicole’s 2nd one after it ended. Terrible timing.

Most unusual theme party you ever attended or threw?
Well, there was the transvestite party at Biko in ’98. That was a Mojo Wire gig too. Guess who was the only one in the band to wear makeup?

How many loud music violations did your house receive?
A million. Most of them were caused by the bands I was in. We also caused many more violations at other people’s houses too. Our record is being shut down one song in (this was a Honey White show) on 9/28/02.

Walk of Shame or Stride of Pride?
Actually it’s more like the Stride of Shame. One walks fast in the a.m. cause usually it’s pretty cold, even for California. Though I don’t think guys ever took shit for things like this. I sure didn’t.

Ever tell a lie to hook up with someone?
Yes. They never worked.

Ever had a one night stand that would never end?
Yeah, but it wasn’t up to me that they ended.

Was there a problem with recycling hookups among your roommates?
Ho, ho, ho. We shall say yes and leave it at that for now. Though I wouldn’t call them “problems” per se. More like ”hilariously uncomfortable coincidences”.

Favorite night of the week to party?
Well, school didn’t stop random parties, and neither (on several occasions) did work, and I guess any gig night was kind of a party night. Can’t decide.

How many nights out the week did you party?
2-3 for the first 4 years, then about 1-2 after.

Thing or party you blew off a night of studying finals for?
Everything. Like I said, work, school, etc went out the window if there was a gig.

Do you know the Greek God?
No. Like every other “Greek” thing in I.V., though, I’ll bet he’s not Greek at all.

Who was the biggest bastard IVFP in IV?
Actually the IVFP were cool to Honey White when they shut us down. They were almost apologetic about it too.

Tuesdays at Qs, Thursdays at Cooneys, or Fridays at Tonic (AKA 634)?
Shit, the only one of those I know is 634, and I think I went there twice. I went to pubs more often like Old Kings Road or Press Room.

Have you hooked up with someone on your way home from downtown on Bill's Bus?
No. Have I tried to avoid someone who was trying to hook up with me? Yes. That’s all I want to say about that.

Did you wake up next to them the next day?
No. I was successful in avoiding them. Either that or my social ineptitude knocked off them beer goggles.

Have you gotten kicked out of a club for obscene drunkedness?
No, but I was mistakenly thrown out of the Wildcat because my 24-year-old bald self didn’t match my 17-year-old moptop drivers license.

Have you thrown up on Bills Bus?
Ha, no. Everyone else I know did. Brian didn’t even make it to Bill’s bus, but he yarfed out the window of a taxi on 101.

Favorite place(s) to eat in IV?
Cantina & Bagel Café.

Favorite 2 am drunk munchies?
Pop Tarts. If none available, Vons chocolate chip cookies will do just fine. Made me the 200+ pound monster I am today, dammit.

Do you know who pirate is?
Yeah, he was kind of an asshole, if I’m not mistaken. He’s in one of the Honey White videos- the UCen one from 1/30/03.

Tell us your favorite IV bum story?
One time in 1997 the Mojo Wire had a Bedrock balcony gig and Bruce the bum showed up. Before the Pirate Bruce was the most notorious bummer of all bums. He gave Bryn and Brandon his own unique style of pep talk while we churned through some drunken blooze, and fortunately Adam and I didn’t need to deal with him. Still, at least Bryn and Brandon made a new friend, and he didn’t even ask us to play Skynyrd.

Most vivid memory of IV?
More of a recurring fear if you will: the electricity in the air on Fridays (or sometimes Thursdays) at about 4:30 or 5pm, the feeling that everything is going to self-immolate and absolutely destroy itself over the next few nights, only to rise from the ashes like some retarded phoenix, ready to do it all over again next week. That’s one of the most lasting, pure total recall memories I have. The amount of fear it generated varied, but The Fear was always there.


  1. Woo, I read this on your Myspace page. Good stuff. But, would you keep down all that noise? :)

  2. What? I can't hear you!

  3. Calling IV a retarded pheonix is one of the funniest, most appropriate phrases I've heard in a while. Hell, it would even make a good band name!

  4. John Kneel2:00 PM

    Shine on, you Crazy Diamond -- I love this blog. I love all the memories of the times of bliss. Biko, '98 -- the transvestite party was unforgetable. Remember how gosh darn pretty I looked in my sun dress and makeup?

    At a higher altitude with flag unfurled
    We reached the dizzy heights of that dreamed of world....

    The grass was greener
    The light was brighter
    The taste was sweeter
    The nights of wonder
    With friends surrounded
    The dawn mist glowing
    The water flowing
    The endless river........Forever and ever

    Forever and ever....


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