February 04, 2006

Useless HW Trivia Survey!

Enveloped in yet another round of hopeless, soul-sucking vanity, I ask the HW legions to, as the Scoop sites say, "take the poll". Truth optional.

1. What's your favorite Honey White song and why?
1a. (for the old schoolers) Favorite Mojo Wire song?

2. How many Honey White shows have you been to?

3. Do you know who Sean is, and why he went to Africa?
(Note: Again, reasons listed need not actually be The Truth)

4. Can you identify at least two covers we have played, either live or on CD, and who originally wrote them?

5. During our Isla Vista days, how many times had Honey White been shut down by the Foot Patrol?

6. How many times have I worn the very same clothes to multiple gigs?

7. Should we get fuck-off money endorsement deals from Fender for so prominently showing off their fine four- and six-stringed products?
7a. Should we then pose in poorly-designed ads in trade magazines and pretend we really matter?

8. Adam and Sean famously fought a brutally short boxing match before a Mojo Wire show in 2000. Which Honey Whiters would be most likely to do this and why? Who would win?

9. How many ways can us four guys in HW be divided into 2-on-2 basketball teams?

10. What band(s) would you most like to see us team up with for a live show?

11. Which Honey White song was remixed by a kickass DJ?

12. The floor is open. Ask and answer as many more Honey White-related questions as you want.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! As the frontman, I claim the first response. So, let's see...

    1. Island Fever. Just the right amount of rockin', with the right amount of mellowness. Plus, Keir's lyrics are great and Brian's guitar sounds rad. And Billy's drums just roll along and keep the whole thing moving.

    1a. Margarita. Another good mixture of hilarity and fun music. Plus Adam's delivery always cracked me up, which is why I tended to screw up the drums. Really.

    2. All of them. Well, beein IN, not really been TO.

    3. Yes. Sean is a one-legged small person who went to Africa to find his genetic ancestors and explore life among the pygmy tribes.

    4. Hell, I can tell you all of 'em, but I won't. Don't want to ruin it for anyone else here.

    5. Just once. But I wasn't really very rock & roll about it - I didn't say 'Down with the Man,' or 'Fuck tha police!' once. I wasn't even cited for drunkenness.

    6. Hell, I don't know. What, am I supposed to actually pay attention to you when we're playing. I mean, you only play bass, sing, and write most of the lyrics and a few of the songs. That doesn't matter!

    7. Yes, and No. The former mostly 'cause I want more Fender gear, and the latter 'cause, well, that would blow.

    8. Me and Billy, probably. 'Cause Keir wouldn't care and Brian would probably rather put money on the outcome. And Billy would undoubtedly kick my ass.

    9. As Bros vs. uh, Non-Bros. As Pelones vs. Guys with Hair. As Melody Men vs. Rhythm Section. There, that's one of me with every other band member.

    10. Bodie. They rock, AND they roll. Plus I work with their lead singer.

    11. Unprofessional! By MonkeyMike. One of the funniest and coolest things I've ever heard.

    12. Well, I can't think of any questions at the moment, but if one comes to me I'll let you know.


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