March 27, 2006

Another Fab Four

The new and improved African AIDS Awareness Campaign team in Windhoek, Namibia. Left to right: Tuuli Saarela, Nathaniel Calhoun, Sean Blaschke (sporting the Honey White shirt), and new guy (cause there always has to be a new guy) Michael Breece. All their travel blogs make for vivid reading, Nate's especially.

They are a little over halfway through their trans-continental African odyssey, and have recently had some whiplash-inducing culture shock: going from war-torn Angola to suburbia-infested (?!?) Namibia. Along the way they've endured almost anything us floppy and useless Westerners can imagine, and then some more stuff we'd rather not think of. Go see the site- give it a good thorough perusal, and if you can, stuff their wallets some. They can't eat rats and rabbits all the time, and that Stingray needs constant help.

I just hope they're not sick of the Honey White tape yet. I mean, I can't listen to that album all the time, and I play on the damn thing.

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