July 18, 2006

...and Yet I Still Don't Feel Like a Grown-Up

So Emily and I threw a big party a week or so ago that many of you attended, and we appreciate that very much. It was a blast. We ate, we drank, we arranged the legality of certain loose ends, and my new dear cousins-in-law played dress-up with my Jetta.

Em and I then promptly ditched everyone and took a much-needed vacation to Oahu, which we just got back from today. I'm jetlagged and comatose, but I did manage to assist in perusal of the plethora of photos that captured said partying event, and this is one of them. Many many more will be up soon at a web location to be announced asap. Those of you who were there, revel in the nostalgia. Those of you who weren't, well, now you can pretend you were.

UPDATE: A little later than I thought, but here's the website with all of them: http://www.mybandrocks.com/wedding

So there you have it- everyone can now be subjected to my Hawaiian vacation slides. Not to mention hot shots of Em in her wedding dress.

You're welcome.

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