March 29, 2007

Drinking from the Firehose at Web Design World '07

So after three days at Web Design World in San Francisco, I'm reminded once again that I Know Jack Shit when it comes to what's really going on in this industry right now. Oh sure, it was fun and informative to be in the more conceptual seminars for things like search engine optimization and another called "Principles of Social Design" (how the web's moved from 1-way sites to 2-way like Amazon to multi-way like MySpace or Daily Kos). That stuff was easy to keep up with.

What was embarassing was the fact that I barely understood half the stuff on XML (an industry standard for like, five years now) and was totally lost in other lectures about Ruby on Rails, DHTML, and even in a "best practices" sorta thing on CSS. Style sheets! Shit!! I have serious catching up to do- if I cared about being taken seriously, that is. But hey, the company paid for it, so what the hell.

Much more fun was spending time at my sister's new place with her fiance Nick, and seeing my mom and stepdad for the first time in a while. Since Bryn wasn't there, of course, we made the most of it, finally telling Mom all about the REAL reason the Volvo's back window was shattered 10 years ago in the Saddleback Lanes parking lot (it was Bryn's bony ass). It was almost cute, how faux-scandalized she was. It's too late for the volvo, of course, but we did think about digging up the bill and sending it to Bryn.

Also met Brian for a few hours to hang out in downtown SF. Turns out he's been accepted to a neuroscience PhD program at Georgetown, which is awesome for him, but since it's a five-year plan, that sort of puts the kibosh on any more Honey White goings-on for the forseeable future, especially gigs. Not that we've been going crazy with that stuff, but still. I've been trawling the archives over at My Band Rocks, and that seems somehow prescient now.

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