April 12, 2007

The Big Collage 94/95-05/06

Are you on it? Click on it to have a look.

Update: Since Jon pointed out that the doubled size is actually still quite tiny, I tripled that to about 2400px wide. Also, I should probably mention that it goes left to right, with each year taking up 16 squares (for example, 94/95 is the 16 squares on the upper left).

1 comment:

  1. JOHN KNEEL7:46 AM

    Rock. I want one three times the size. I can still barely see the photos even when I click on it. But I think I see Velarde. And some other delicious photos. Come on, graphic designer, why don't you save this JPG at 3x the size? You're like the archivist of my life.

    I just drove through 8 inches of snow down the mountain in a blizzard to sub at the high school. Not back in the political game yet. But I will be, as always.



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