May 19, 2007

Blogging Is Hell

A little inside baseball for a tired moving weekend. The past few months have been crazier than usual, as far as meta is concerned, on the liberalesque Scoop/Ajax blogs like Daily Kos and its blogspawn. Lotsa people being banned and leaving in a huff and sniping from the outside, with rending of hair and gnashing of teeth and much, much more melodrama than necessary. Generally, everyone is taking themselves too goddam seriously.

Well, when in Rome, I say, so instead of doing more healthy creative things, I wrote a diary on DKos merely to have some fun with everyone in a Dante sort of way. Thankfully they took it as such, on several sites (MLW asked for a crosspost), as my ego hoped they would, so I guess that means I'm now a bonafide attention whore. Yeah, big surprise, hmmm?

Anyway, there are way too many inside jokes in that thing, so not everyone's gonna get it if they've been outside living their lives instead of being glued to the internets, but that's ok. We all have our indulgent addictions to overcome. Or not.

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