June 05, 2007

OK Computer Turns Ten

For yet another depressing post in the category of "Ah shit, I'm old!" (there have been so many revelations like that lately!): the landmark 1997 album by Radiohead will be a decade old come July 1. It's "important" to me, I guess, because it was probably the last album that I got all teenageredly enthusiastic over (even though I was 20 at the time). It wasn't too long after that I got suddenly all "adult" in my music appreciation- cue strokey-beard pose and uttering things like "yes, the new Bob Dylan album is quite good, wouldn't you say?" That was also about the time I joined a band for the first time and first endured the "you guys SUCK!" form of juvenile music fandom (I believe it's now pronounced "OMG OMG teh new radiohead is soooooo awesome1!!!11!!").

Anyway, instead of, um, educated criticism (which at the time I pretended to do for the UCSB student paper), I mostly gushed about OK Computer to (and with) all my friends. We'd all sit around the apartment in Isla Vista listening to the damn thing and every 5 minutes or so going "Wow! How the hell did they do that?!?" Actually it was probably more like: "(*toke*, bubble, *chug*) Whoooaah maaaan, how'd they dooooo that?" or like "Duuuuude, the computer voice is talking again, man!!! What's it saaaaying?" Ahem. It also made me haul out my old cassette singles (!) of songs from The Bends and re-appreciate them and that album all over again.

For some reason I'm also remembering driving back (okay, well Adam driving us back) to campus from a weekend home in OC and everyone in the car singing along with "Karma Police", all trying to hit Thom Yorke's high notes, which only Adam and the girls could do. I also remember that all the "real" reviews by newspaper & magazine critic gasbags like Hilburn or Christigau, etc., were all saying that OK Computer was this generations Dark Side of the Moon, and us thinking "screw you, you bandwagon-jumping old hippie!" because obviously, Dark Side of the Moon was that generation's OK Computer. OMG like, duh. Off with their heads- they don't remember our names anymore. Or something.

Ah, shit. I'm old.

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