September 06, 2007

Look at Little Sister!

Bryn and I were good elder brothers this weekend and took off (with Karla and Em) for Santa Cruz and our sister Lis' (above) wedding. She married the handsome and talented Nick Kurns, the bad-assingest mandolin player in Santa Clara County. We were invited not only as best big brothers ever, but also to help with the soundtrack, and so we got to play some acoustified, instrumentalized Honey White songs and cover tunes as the happy couple walked to and from the ceremony. Lots of people took tons of pictures of the whole shebang, but here's a few (by quickdraw Bill MacAllister) that I can offer up quick-like. Enjoy.
The Dubious Duo rehearses.
Keir tunes up.
Em tells us what to do...
...and we do it.
Karla, Bryn, Em, & Keir play "red carpet."
Nick & Lis take five for champagne...
...and then go back to being giddy.

All in all a spectacular time in a beautiful place for two of my favorite people. Who are now in Maui. While I'm not.

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