November 14, 2007

Crosby and Nurick Stomp Us All

I must have been on some other planet of oblivious stupidity for four months (which, if you think about it, is highly likely), but somehow I totally missed the release of Ryan Crosby's latest CD, "Cut the Cord," which he dropped on us all back on the fortuitous day of 7/7/07. Let's not talk about how long ago that was. Let's talk instead about how I just snagged the album from iTunes tonight and am totally digging it, instead of doing more responsible things like sleeping or writing novels or song lyrics.

Crosby has always been one of the most ass-kickingly accomplished musicians I've known, and I'd say that even if we hadn't gone to high school together, and been in the same Rolling Stones Air Guitar band, and if his limo hadn't resuced mine on Prom night because we had a flat (even though his flask had long disappeared by then), and if he hadn't been dating my girlfriend's housemate at UCSB, and if he hadn't patiently endured my amateur gushing about my first band waaaay back in 1997. Not to mention his previous stompilation with Brandonius in Attached By Wires.

No, since he's a real musician, and I'm really not, that other stuff is all about how biased I am in his favor, but "Cut the Cord" is a good solid record all by itself with or without my opinion. Cros lays down some expert mid-tempo electro-pop that's shot through with his ferocious axe and capped off with some seriously huge, powerful vocals. Sharp little one-liner lyrics too, man. Not really fair to say too much more just based on one listen, but that's what I've got right now. More to come as it sinks in, which is as it should be, right?
I can't mention Ryan Crosby without naming the man who way back when always seemed to be his maniacally creative equal, and it still seems that way: Ben Nurick has been going balls-to-the-wall for some time now with Angeleno rockers Intervention. Nurick will not hesitate to unleash a spine-twisting shriek in the middle of a tepid high school reunion, just to fuck with everybody, and he brings the same explosive bent to every stage he walks on, drama or rock or both at once. If you ever stagger into LA on a night they're playing, you better damn well go get your face rocked off by Intervention.

Because really, when people walk tall and kick ass, it must be acknowledged. Nice work, gentlemen.

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