November 24, 2007

Two Books At Once? Who Can Handle That?!?

Oh, but I can. Like fer sure, dood. Seriously, though- while the "Weapon Of Young Gods" novel still percolates spasmodically, I've decided to go whole hog on the Thompson-isms and compile my own "Gonzo Papers" collection. It won't be earth-shattering, and I may just post it as a free e-book or PDF or whatever, but when you get to be over 30 you start compiling things, and I've had fun reviewing all this stuff. Makes me feel like an actual writer with a portfolio.

So, I'm thinking that it will contain all my "Battery Acid Blues" columns for the UCSB Daily Nexus' Artsweek section ('97-'98), my various essays for the My Band Rocks blog about The Mojo Wire and Honey White ('06-'07), my @U2 essays and concert reviews ('02-'05), my intermittent contributions to the Santa Barbara Independent ('01-'03), and probably my worthless spew from the Daily Kos-style Soapblox blogs ('07). I'll also toss in anything from this Dubious Ventures blog too, but mostly as filler. The other stuff already is taking up about 140 pages (yeah, I can do layout too), so other than a few things like "Desperate Notes From Diamond Bar And West L.A." I think the DV blog might not put in too much.

That won't stop me giving it a DV name, though. I want to call it "Dubious Ventures: Derivative Observations Of A Coddled Consciousness 1997-2007."

You've been warned...

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