January 28, 2008

New WOYG/Fiction Blog

So, my fiction writing, collected as "The Weapon Of Young Gods," now has its own blog: http://weaponofyounggods.blogspot.com.

I've decided to just start posting it as a "short novel," throwing it up there as-is (with some edits), and (for what's not yet finished) as I write it. I always wanted to do it in the blog format, to keep it shorter and semi-gonzo, and anyway it will probably be different once it's "published," so maybe reading an "in-progress" version will be interesting for people.

Each narrator will post under their own name (Roy, Derek, etc), and the date/time stamp will reflect the setting of that particular section (e.g. Friday, October 27, 1995). I'll also add music or photos where appropriate, and that'll be fun, because I'll actually be releasing the soundtrack on CD in march under the Low Tide name.

I'll try to keep the chapters/sections/posts coming at a steady clip, which should help in avoiding any serious bouts of writer's block, so everyone will finally be able to see what I've been doing for the past year, and be able to see it as it changes, too.

January 01, 2008

Dubious Ventures, the Book: Table of Contents

Dubious Ventures:
Derivative Observations of a Coddled Consciousness 1997-2007

Part I. Don't Quit Your Day Job, Dude
(Music & Recordings, 1997-2007)
Marring Posterity Forever 9.10.06
Twelve-Bar Ruse 9.6.06
Don't Mix Your Drinks 1.29.06
No Lifeguard on Duty 2.5.06
Things Fall Apart 4.21.06
Instant Gratification 5.4.06
Performance Enhancement 9.10.06
Feeling Gravity's Pull 4.23.06
Few and Far Between 12.1.07
The Band From Ignoreland 1.16.99
Lies, Damned Lies, and Press Releases 3.14.03
Retaliatory Self-Martyrdom 9.2.02
Protracted Sagas of Paralysis 9.18.06
Some Reassembly Required 8.15.06

Part II. Envious Fanboys Say The Damndest Things
(Weekly/Online Journalism, 2001-2005)
Stowed Away with a Few Pints 1.27.01
How to Survivie Your Own Tour 2.22.01
Super Chick Rock Bonanza! 3.22.01
In and Out of Enemy Territory 4.12.01
Happily Running Amok Downtown 6.7.01
From Kountry to Klezmer 4.24.03
Sound & Fury Archive 2001-2003 6.5.03
Dealing With the Hassle 1.18.02
Harsh Realities at Crunch Time 2.17.02
Pulling Off the Perfect Con 7.18.02
My Nose is Still Bleeding 11.13.01
What's Wrong with Vague? 1.30.02
U2's Top Ten Lyrics 9.8.02
The Fly is Dead, Long Live The Fly 10.16.02
U2004 Pontifications 12.30.03
Rich Irish Dorks 11.29.04
Whiplash in the Peanut Gallery 4.15.05

Part III. The Consequences of Unleashing Raw Talent
(College Journalism, 1997-98)
Name Droppings: All-Access at the Grammys 2.27.97
The Bouncing Black Lung 4.24.97
Bargain Shopping at PopMart 5.1.97
Writing Wretched Breakup Songs 5.8.97
Catch The Clap! One Night Only! 5.15.97
The Many Pitfalls of Stardom 5.22.97
Shameful Disintegration On Tour 6.5.97
New Adventures with The Mojo Wire 10.2.97
Solving the Vexing Percussion Problem 10.9.97
A Humorless Weekend in Los Angeles 10.16.97
The Hopeless Wankery of Critics 10.23.97
The Wisdom of Jackson Hammer 2.14.98
Scrambled Visions in Calabasas 3.21.98
Back For Good: Looking Up to Patti Smith 10.23.97

Part IV. There Are Ways And Ways To Lose Your Cool
(Gonzo-blogging, 2004-2007)
The Ghost of Muskie Haunts Iowa 1.20.04
Watching C-SPAN So You Don't Have To 1.28.04
Enduring a Frigid Interlude in New Mexico 2.10.04
Super (Thanks for Asking) Tuesday 3.3.04
Three More Weeks of Nail-Biting Insanity 10.12.04
Worst Birthday Ever 11.3.04
A Floppy and Useless Scion of Gonzo 2.22.05
Desperate Notes from Diamond Bar And West L.A. 3.15.05
A Second Lieutenant's Grim Commentary from Iraq, Part I 6.22.05
A Second Lieutenant's Grim Commentary from Iraq, Part II 6.24.05
The Radio Around Here Like, Totally Sucks, Man 7.11.07
When the Revolution Comes, I Know where I'll Be 7.19.07
The Festering Stew Continues to Rise 8.13.07
Screw Bin Laden, I'm Going Shopping! 9.11.07
Shrill Dispatches from the Bent and Rusty Tubes 9.19.07
Squint and You Can See the Sox' Pinstripes 10.25.07
Artistic Creativity vs. Professional Commitments 12.6.07

Part V. When the Truth is Too Strange, Don't Speak It
(Unfinished Fiction, 2002-2007)
Resigned to Voyeuristic Amateurism 8.8.02
A Festering Epidemic of Island Fever 12.27.02
Approaching Hannah 1.13.03
Disjointed Flashbacks and Cringeworthy Memories 6.21.03
A Slow Climb to Dangerous Altitudes 7.3.03
Ominous Thoughts on Crown Valley Parkway 7.5.03
Beyond Mere Chemical Enhancement 7.8.03
You Were Always My Favorite Maniac 8.22.03
The Insidious Riptide of Doubt 12.21.06
Vengeful Arson on Aliso Peak 1.23.07
How to Stomp a Brahmin 11.4.07

NEW: Extra Bonus Ugliness From 2008-2009!!!

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