January 28, 2008

New WOYG/Fiction Blog

So, my fiction writing, collected as "The Weapon Of Young Gods," now has its own blog: http://weaponofyounggods.blogspot.com.

I've decided to just start posting it as a "short novel," throwing it up there as-is (with some edits), and (for what's not yet finished) as I write it. I always wanted to do it in the blog format, to keep it shorter and semi-gonzo, and anyway it will probably be different once it's "published," so maybe reading an "in-progress" version will be interesting for people.

Each narrator will post under their own name (Roy, Derek, etc), and the date/time stamp will reflect the setting of that particular section (e.g. Friday, October 27, 1995). I'll also add music or photos where appropriate, and that'll be fun, because I'll actually be releasing the soundtrack on CD in march under the Low Tide name.

I'll try to keep the chapters/sections/posts coming at a steady clip, which should help in avoiding any serious bouts of writer's block, so everyone will finally be able to see what I've been doing for the past year, and be able to see it as it changes, too.

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