February 21, 2008

Post-Mortem In The Desert, Part MCXVIII

So I see Tony has pointed out that El Tree de Joshua has been downed for quite some time now. I mention this because it makes me recall the best thing about that: "the sound of four men chopping down the Joshua Tree," in their own words:

Someday I'll get a big fat Thunderbird bass like Adam Clayton is wielding in that video. I never get tired of that fucking song. A little pathetic but I don't care. I was 15 and immortal when it came out, blaring it on the headphones with my nose deep in Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas. Ah, to be young and neuro-physiologically underdeveloped.

Anyway, in other U2 news, my buddies over on @U2 have scored an interview with the band's ex-chief of security, Jerry Mele, who is also been decommissioned in the desert for a decade after suffering injuries in Mexico, protecting the boys during PopMart. Mele is the pivot of concert security thinking- he crewed everyone from Slayer to U2 to Michael Bolton (?) and made sure everyone had a happy healthy safe time at any show.

Oh jesus, it just occurred to me that in that video, Bono and Adam are as old as I am now. Anyway, there's your semi-annual self-aggrandizement + "The Fly" post (which is really just a double-whammy of the same thing, right?). Rock on.

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