June 19, 2008

East Ventura by Bicycle

Specifically, Bristol Street and North Bank drive along the Santa Clara riverbed. East Ventura is a weird patchwork of farm fields and suburbia, often right next to each other. You can almost guess when a particular farmer sold land by guessing at the year/decade of the homes- some postwar bungalows, some 60s/70s-types, some 80s/90s red-tiles, etc.

It's odd, but probably only for me, cause juxtapositions like that were pretty much gone from Orange County by the time I was paying attention as a kid. There was a massive farm field next to my middle school in San Juan, but that's long since been converted to athletic fields. Anyway, all the shots below are actually from an instant camera instead of the digital. Haven't found a way to take it on a ride without risking instant destruction.

Going east on Bristol looking north.

The suburbs are right across the street from fruit-packing plants.

The plant owners are famous companies.

Power trio of signage

Railroad looking east

Railroad looking south arcoss the riverbed toward Oxnard

File under "farm tools I am ignorant of."

Bridge over barranca near Petite and Telephone roads.

Santa Clara riverbed, dry as a bone in summer.

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