June 12, 2008

O.C. Location Shots #3: Outtakes

Big-ass photo post! The shameless revisionism will have to wait one more post, cause we've got outtake photos to purge, right? Right. 13 of them to be exact:

Road shots: the 5 freeway in...Anaheim,

...Santa Ana,

...and SANTA ANA.

Coast Highway in Capistrano Beach

Up on the Capo Beach cliffs looking toward Dana Point Harbor

Spying on the house I grew up in, Dana Point. Dunno who lives there now.

Above the park ramp: "Whatchoo lookin' at?"

Sea Canyon Park in Dana Point

Spying on my grandparents' house in Monarch Beach. Dunno who lives there now either.

More Monarch Beach

Coast Highway near the Ritz

Harbor House on PCH. I needed a night shot but time didn't allow...

Fatherhood has not slowed Adam's baseball reflexes. Bryn is no match, and neither was I.

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