June 07, 2008

Shameless Revisionism Looms on the Horizon

Original SR Posts:
UCSB Daily Nexus Artsweek #1 (1997) 6.14.08
UCSB Daily Nexus Artsweek #2 (1997-1998) 6.20.08
Santa Barbara Independent (2001-2003) 6.29.08
@U2 Essays (2001-2005) 7.5.08
Genre-Bending Gonzo (2002-2005) 7.12.08
My Band Rocks #1: The Mojo Wire (1997-2001) 7.19.08
My Band Rocks #2: Honey White (2002-2007) 7.23.08
Soapblox Rants #1 (2007) 8.1.08
Soapblox Rants #2 (2008) 8.9.08
Unfinished Fiction #1 (2002-2003) 8.15.08
Unfinished Fiction #2 (2003-2007) 8.23.08

UPDATE 11/29/08: New stuff in Fall '08 means there are now 13 Shameless Revisionism links:
Election Rants, 2004 Edition 11.26.08
Soapblox Rants #3 (2008) 11.29.08

UPDATE II 6/14/09: The series is now in the midst of a Summer '09 revival:
Genre-Bending Gonzo #2 (2008-2009) 6.6.09
Requiem for a Music Geek (2008-2009) 6.14.09
Soapblox Rants #4 (2008-2009) 6.20.09
Soapblox Rants #5 (2009) 6.25.09
The Weapon of Young Gods (2008-2009) 7.3.09

Original Post That (Sort Of) Explains It All:
So I've decided to do something with the Dubious Ventures blog that might actually better reflect my impulses to egomaniacally anthologize, canonize, and otherwise re-visit the various and sundry scrawlings I've published and posted since about 1997 (when the UCSB student paper hired me, in a hilarious lapse of professional judgement). The DV blog has languished in the shadow of my band blog and my book blog, so it's high time to clean the bastard out and give it some well-needed Purpose. Not really a redesign- more of a re-content-ification. Or something.

Yes, that's right- this weblog will now be about 75% Shameless Revisionism. I've got a bizarre portfolio of writing, and I believe it's always been my job to foist it on the unsuspecting masses (who nevertheless usually ignore it). I've also maintained a website in some form or another since about 1999, and started this blog around (I think) December 2003. Since then it's been host to a wild grab-bag of stuff, the worst of which is often quietly deleted in periodic purges of bad taste. Some stuff is actually worth keeping, though, and so a few months ago I threatened to release my own compilation of gonzo papers. And promptly forgot about it.

Until now. I've embarrassed myself in print or pixel in many ways, and the DV will belatedly adopt tags in order to present all this crap in a somewhat organized way. Not everything is completely up yet, but you can, for example, review every word of fanboy-addled pablum I lavished on U2. Or trawl through my sordid history of music journalism at UCSB. Or cringe through every surreal screed I've ever cross-posted at the wacky Soapblox-powered liberal-progressive feeding troughs currently masquerading as "online political communities." Not to mention regular self-aggrandizing posts about my bands and fiction writing.

I'll highlight a particular flavor every week, linking every relevant post and adding what willl undoubtedly prove to be riotously funny annotations and comments.

You've been warned...um, again, I guess.


  1. Bring it ON!!! we're ready. :)

  2. right back at you (with the link that is)... looking forward to seeing what you drudge up from the haze that was undergrad... in other news, just posted a link to a great story about drunk teachers you might find amusing!


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