July 15, 2008

Fanning the Flames of Terminal Narcissism

As a raging egomaniac, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I enjoy getting my narcissism validated on a regular basis. This past week it happened in a big way. Relatively. See, as a designer/wordsmith/rockstar, a few years back I got to be part of a magazine redesign, and it went off like gangbusters. Client loved it, colleagues loved it, and after a while it even got nominated for some awards. Took a few issues to get it running smoothly, but now that the wheels are greased we get some great work done.

So imagine my glee when Em comes home one afternoon from another teacher’s house. Now, my wife’s known all this time that I do this magazine—not only because she’s seen my copies of it, but especially since it’s education-related and she is, in fact, a teacher—but stuff like this is always made cooler when it shows up in random places. Turns out Em’s colleague subscribes to this magazine, and so Emily's all “hey, my husband designed that,” and the other teacher was all “no way—is his name in there?”

They turned to the inside page to peruse the publication info and boom: there I was, listed as “illustrator” (one of the redesign’s features is author cartoons, a la the New Yorker, and I draw them). My name in lights. I mean, in ink. Whatever. Anyway, it was a minor rock-star moment—more like a county fair gig than a slot at the Roxy—but not any less awesome. And I didn’t even have to be there to bask in the glow of adulation that (surely) would have poured over me like liquid gold. Except liquid gold would have been really hot and probably would have burned me to death.

Anyway, the ego marches on. Always remember, children: Terminal Narcissism is good for you!

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