July 03, 2008

Fourteen Years of Creeping Nostalgia

Another huge photo post: Pieces of the Big Collage (1994/95 to 2007/08). Because terminal narcissism is good for you, kiddies.

1994/1995 (Dana Point): senior year of high school.

1995/1996 (UCSB): weird first year of college.

1996/1997 (UCSB): stressful second year of college + The Mojo Wire

1997/1998 (UCSB): decadent third year of college + The Mojo Wire

1998/1999 (UCSB): heavy fourth year of college + The Mojo Wire

1999/2000 (Isla Vista): last quarter at UCSB + The Mojo Wire + doin' time at the bookstore.

2000/2001 (Isla Vista): doin' time at UCSB HR + The Mojo Wire

2001/2002 (Isla Vista): doin' time at UCSB HR + The Mojo Wire + Honey White

2002/2003 (Isla Vista): doin' time at UCSB HR + night school + Honey White

2003/2004 (Isla Vista): Jobless + night school + Honey White

2004/2005 (Ventura): BBM&D + Honey White

2005/2006 (Ventura): BBM&D + Honey White

2006/2007 (Ventura): BBM&D + Honey White

2007/2008 (Ventura): BBM&D + Music + Fiction

Supposedly we may be acquiring the vast DuBois-MacAllister photo library from Grass Valley. Back issues shall be compiled, of course.


  1. All those posters look so full of life, I love. Makes me wish I took more pictures back in my school days.

  2. Thanks Krista. I'd like to have older stuff up there, but it starts at 12th grade because that's when I took a basic photography class.

    They are sort of the "good parts" versions though. Some pretty hairy stuff happened underneath.

  3. I think I have just been inspired to finally do one of my own life. I just need to plug in that flat-bed scanner...


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