July 29, 2008

Summer of Baseball 2008

Continuing the quest to visit every one of the 30 major league baseball stadiums, we cruised first to San Diego and then to the Bay Area. We have of course been to see the Dodgers, Angels, and Padres countless times, and it was nice to get all the California teams covered. Warning: Oceanariesque, photo-filled post ahead...

San Diego: For the 2nd year in a row we went down to SD to catch the Padres when Atlanta was in town. The Padres are terrible this year, and the Braves took the series 2-1, but before Game 2 the Pads trotted out their 1998 National League Championship team (who went on to lose to the Yankees in the World Series) for a reminder of how good they used to be. They don't need a pennant- they just need a winning season (like 2005 and 2006), and it doesn't look like '08 is gonna be one- they're currently in dead last.

Petco Park faces downtown San Diego.

You can get there by trolley car.

The Obama campaign (and all its fans) was in town speaking to the temporary Casa de la Raza in the convention center across the street. McCain would creak into town the next day.

Oakland: Two weeks later we ended up at Lis and Nick's in San Jose and took in some A's vs Texas with the extended DuBois/MacAllister clan. The Rangers stomped Oakland, but we had a good time.

San Francisco: A foggy July day lifted by the 5th inning of our Giants game (vs. Arizona), but that didn't help the home team lose any less. The extended fam was here as well, and we all agreed that despite the phenomenal bayfront setting of AT&T Park, the trip to the S.F. Museum of Modern Art for the Frida Kahlo exhibit was the high point of the day. Hey, she had a better career than the one Barry Zito's having. The Giants' pitcher got destroyed.

So that's Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Diego (both old and new), San Francisco, and Oakland checked off. We've been to Fenway in Boston, but not during a game, so that doesn't count. I think maybe Phoenix, Denver, or Seattle might be next, but not this year. Maybe L.A. or Anaheim again in '08. They're closer.

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