September 09, 2008

Conquering the World, One Nation at a Time

That's right: Honey White, your favorite California epic-garage-rock-whatever band continues our glacially-paced campaign of global takeover, this time thanks to Krista of Oceanaria in the Dominion of Canada. Her new Honey White CDs were put through a rigorous International Customs inspection process, as you can see from the evidence photographed below:

Thanks very much, Krista. Now, the Great White North is of course a fine place, but it is not the first locale outside of the U.S. to endure the virtual rockitude of a Honey White merch item (or items). Bryn himself made a personal visit to Europe back in 2003, busking his way through the Old Country and the Mediterranean like a good American post-grad should do. Our rabidly enthusiastic Austrian and Polish fanbase did not exactly begin during that trip, but their loyalty is never in question, and is always appreciated.

Bryn in Venice:

Other Honey White artefacts have slowly made their way to other exotic locations: Jeff Ross, the Sailing Mechanic, wore a Honey White "My Band Rocks!" t-shirt each and every day of his extended New Zealand odyssey in 2004, and Sean Blaschke, he of "Sean Goes to Africa" fame, ran his own "HW" shirt ragged on a trek through not one, not two, but eighteen African countries during 2005.

Jeff in New Zealand:

Sean in Africa (clockwise)--Senegal, Namibia, the Gambia, and Angola:

That's four continents right there--also counting Bryn's acoustic-strumming visits to tiny Mexican villages in 2005 and 2007--so don't be fooled by our humble, do-it-yourself ways: Honey White is a World-Conquering Force of Nature, unencumbered by silly logistics like time and space.

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