October 21, 2008

Creeping Nostalgia: High School Edition

Oh yes, the sortie to NorCal proved fruitful in the "teenage dork" photo department, fer sure. And of course because terminal narcissism is good for you, it must be exposed to the light of day...

1991/1992 (Freshman). God, my wardrobe was hideous. No wonder I wore soccer jerseys all the time. But look at all that goddamn hair. Missing: any photos that proved I actually went to school that year.

1992/1993 (Sophomore). Ah, the Year of Flannel, or When Passe Trends Attack! By the time I latched onto something, it was usually over. Well, except the pea coat, but it's nowhere to be seen in there, is it?

1993/1994 (Junior). Blatant theft from the '93/'94 yearbook (quick: name all the dancers on the float with me!) can't hide the fact that I evidently owned only three shirts, which I wore all the time. Ugh.

1994/1995 (Senior). Yeah, this is a repeat, but hey, Jon, Nick, & Kev should be rewarded in some way for dragging my ass all over town. It was good for me, in a way- hot chicks wanted their photos taken with me, and I got to be on stage...sort of.

The archives go back even further, too; I'm working on stuff from 5th grade to junior high. It's fun and embarrassing all at once- but stay tuned for....college.

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