October 28, 2008

In Which Al Franken Steals My Act, Yo

Two posts in one day? Hey, when a comic-turned-Senate-candidate throws down, hell yes two posts in one day. Watch our favorite carpet-bagging SNL alum and Minnesota U.S. Senate hopeful Al Franken do his thing that is my thing—drawing maps freehand. Oh, it's on:

Nice job, Al. I mean that sincerely. But as long as I'm around, you'll always be second best. Why? This is why:

That's me vandalizing a Morro Bay beach in 1999. Being a geography geek makes going for a walk look like hard work. Take that, Mister Funny Man. Did you suffer for your art, Al? Well, I sure did. Many tourists were frightened away by my geographical-artistic genius. The city fathers asked me to not come back for a few years. The life-size chess set and Morro Rock have not seen me since then. It's been difficult to cope.

Of course Franken's got me on the politics thing, though just barely. When he was desperately trying to figure out a way for Michael Dukakis to win the '88 election, fifth-grade me was betting on the outcome. Hell, even back then I could draw not just the U.S., but any country in the world, freehand.

This year may be Franken's year, but who knows? The polls are close, but perhaps Al may give the turncoat Norm Coleman the ass-whupping that spineless chickenshit so richly deserves.

Damn, it's gonna be a looooong seven days.

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  1. Ha! Fantastic. To be honest, your map of the US seems to look a little bit better than Al's. I won't hold it against him though.

  2. Thanks Aaron. I think the difference is that I didn't have some yoyo holding up the paper for me.

  3. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I demand a redraw!

  4. And I didn't even have a cute little soundtrack like he did. :)


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