January 01, 2009

Spastic Sloth: A Diary of Deflections and Distractions 2008-2010

Dubious Ventures, Volume II
Currently the idea is to split up the Gonzo/non-fiction stuff into 2 "books," one of the '97-'07 stuff before I began writing the novel in earnest, and a second full of the stuff I would write in '08-'09 to warm up or cool down from writing fiction.

The Last Binge of SupaDupaPhat Tuesday 2.4.08
Ripping Fiction from the Facts 4.10.08
Beware the Terror of Campaign Bloat 5.16.08
When the Banshee Screamed for Thatcher 2.0 6.4.08
Five Vulgar Pictures of a Derivative Decade 6.26.08
Sneers and Gloating at the FISA Hearings 7.9.08
Yeah, What Winston Wolfe Said 7.24.08
Brand America Goes For Broke...Sort Of 8.29.08
John McCain is Doomed, and it's Bono's Fault 9.8.08
It Began with a Book, and Died with a Film 9.20.08
How Many Barricades Have You Stormed Today? 9.21.08
Mighty Radical Awesome Power in the Sandbox 9.28.08
Happily Chugging the Toxic Stew of Dumb 10.3.08
The Crippling Nostalgia of Naranjastan 10.9.08
Desperately Seeking the Holy Grail of Epic Fail 10.26.08
Everything Was Fine Until I Looked Down 11.4.08
The Decline and Fall of Juvenile Idolatry 11.12.08
Projection Now, Projection Tomorrow, Projection Forever 11.13.08
When Living in Paradise Totally Blows 11.18.08
Slouching Towards Sonic Domesticity 11.25.08
I'd Still Rather Shiver Than Fry 12.7.08
Skittish Creatives Desperate for Respect 12.8.08
The Snide Lashings of Aesthetic Deconstruction 12.9.08
Pondering Potentially Damaging Trade-Offs 12.11.08
Ringing the Mighty Cowbell of Rageohol 12.19.08

The Invasion is Immoral and Will Not Stand 1.4.09
The Insurgent Power Plays of Electrified Youth 1.11.09
Silver-Tongued Sharp-Toothed Snow Leopards 1.31.09
It was Foolish of You to Come Here Tonight, Tom 1.31.09
The Bipartisan Kleptocracy Will Never Die 2.8.09
The Soothing Sounds of Regression Therapy 2.10.09
A Perpetually Sputtering Bonfire of the Ptolemies 2.14.09
Pachydermicide, the Perennial Sport of Kings 3.29.09
A Serious Case of the Teenage Retro Virus 4.5.09
I've Seen Things You People Wouldn't Believe 4.17.09
Reviving the Lost Art of Self-Immolation 4.23.09
Because I Am, After All, a Professional 4.29.09
Blockbuster Albums and Happenin' Tunes 5.5.09
Will Anything Ever Be Incredibly Awesome Again? 5.7.09
Spastic Melodrama from the Great Magnet 5.16.09
Pat Some on the Back, Put Some to the Rod 5.21.09
A Long Time Ago, We Used to be Friends 6.3.09
Display Some Adaptability, Mister Jones 6.7.09
My Long Nostalgic Nightmare is Finally Over 6.18.09
Web Industry Prattle, Direct from Seattle (Part I) 7.23.09
Web Industry Prattle, Direct from Seattle (Part II) 7.24.09
The Greatest Trick the Old Man Ever Pulled 7.27.09
Bottle Up and Explode, Over and Over 8.20.09
It's Not a Blue World After All, Max 9.5.09
All of This Has Happened Before 9.7.09
We're Not So Different, You and I 11.21.09

We Move Like We're Suspended in Amber 1.27.10
Walk On Your Lips Through Busted Glass 2.5.10
The Horrible Burden of Being Right All the Time, Part II 2.14.10
When "Rock and Roll" Only Meant One Thing 3.16.10
It's Always Amateur Hour Somewhere, Part I 4.26.10
It's Always Amateur Hour Somewhere, Part II 5.15.10
Sometimes You Break a Finger on the Upper Hand 5.25.10
Baby, Let Me Show You a World Without Sin 7.2.10
The Designer/Wordsmith/Rockstar 7.9.10
Would You Like Whipped Cream With That? 9.1.10
Your Ears You Keep, and I'll Tell You Why 11.12.10

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