February 01, 2009

We Love It when Our Friends Become Successful

My friends Mia Bortolussi and Ian Crawford have put their leftover newlywed energy into a bustling new enterprise called Little City Designs, a clothing store currently offering some great apparel at the Etsy hand-made online shop. They've already snagged some local bloggy attention, too. Em and I have many old-school Little City shirts from a few years back, but there's lots of new items up there now, and it's some pretty eye catching stuff:

There's a lot more, but most important is probably this one, for Valentine's Day. Go get it:

I worked with Mia in the design biz for a few years, and she always rocked every project. And Ian, well, he's simply the bestest bike mechanic/violinist that I've ever met. Their combined creative talent could churn out enough energy to power...well, to power a little city, actually. Big high fives to both of them.


  1. Thanks Keir! What a gift to be given props by a great writer and fellow designer. You're rad.

  2. Well I figure it's the least I could do, considering the 3 hours of traffic you two endured to see Honey White rock Hollywood that one time.


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