March 04, 2009

So...about that supposed "Creative Bankruptcy." Um...

"No Line on the Horizon" does not suck. I was actually hoping this would happen. It's kind of nice to be (mostly) wrong. See, the new U2 album came out yesterday,'s not bad, actually. Now, the "I was wrong" bit comes from something I said back when the first single, "Get On Your Boots," was released in January:

U2's new single deserves every last negative review it will ever get. As a first single it's worse than "Beautiful Day" and worse than the depths of "Vertigo." It is a monstrously half-assed jalopy of suck.
Ho ho—"half-assed jalopy of suck"—That last phrase is still pretty funny, sure—but "Get On Your Boots" is actually the worst song on the album, by far. "No Line on the Horizon" is a really fun listen, and I say that as a U2 geek who should really know better but is happy to have them as a guilty pleasure.

I'll probably have some more real things to say about it later—when all the hyper-effusive, unjustifiably favorable reviews finally stop—because I do like the thing, but it's not the second coming. It is, however, better than their last two neo-classical albums of this decade. The title track, and a few other songs like "Magnificent," "Breathe," and "Being Born" are really hard to stop playing right now. We shall see how much this will be in effect in a few months—the time it took for the last two albums to sour on me—but on the whole it's nice to see that they haven't actually become the new Rolling Stones as I'd so snidely said back in January. More later, promise.

UPDATE: Almost forgot- you can't really hang the "creative bankruptcy" BS on a band who does this:

UPDATE II: Well, you can't win them all. The accompanying tour is apparently to be named "Kiss the Future." Wankers.

BELATED UPDATE: Oops. I forgot to mention that within a day of that tour announcement, the name was changed to U2 360. Sorry Bryn.


  1. "Kiss the Future"??


  2. I still can't like Bono.

  3. Don't worry Kris—that's perfectly normal behavior.


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