April 07, 2009

Live from the Rec Room, it's Creeping Nostalgia

My never-ending snapshot-montage project went mega today, on seventeen 12 x 12 mounted foam-board squares. Right now it's made up of stuff from about 1991-2008 (see detailed versions here and here), but there's plenty of room to keep growing if the nostalgia bug keeps gnawing on my cerebrum, and indeed the 2008-2009 one is already in the works. Anyway, with the Wall of Nostalgia on one side, and the Wall of Awesome on the other side, it looks like I may never need to leave my little rec room. Just in time for the nice weather. Oh well.


  1. Excellent collection. It shows that you have been very dedicated to your craft. It makes me wish I had taken more pictures. Instead I have a jumble of mental memories of the college days mixed with bong resin and malted hops.

  2. Thanks, but the flip side of that is that I was halfway to irritating people with the trigger-happy camera finger.

    Though it was obviously worth it. :)

  3. Anonymous6:42 AM

    lol. true.


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