May 10, 2009

Son of Return of the Sequel to Shameless Revisionism

Last summer, I reconfigured the Dubious Ventures blog to essentially be a repository and portfolio of my decade-plus of journalism and random writing. I anthologized the good, bad, and ugly—since 1997, a lot of stuff—under the "Shameless Revisionism" tag, and each week highlighted a different aspect of it: college journalism, fansite essays, music reviews, crazed political rants, etc. The original post is here.

Since I am, after all, a raging egomaniac, it was a nice way to pump myself up in order to blast through a first draft of a novel, which I also blogged here. It's not done yet, but it's pretty close—and before I go back and re-write and edit and all that other responsible stuff that real novelists are supposed to do, I wanted to revive the Shameless Revisionism anthology. See, during the time where I was nominally supposed to be writing the novel, I would warm up and cool down from that with some less-serious pieces, and that added up to lots more good, bad, and ugly writing from 2008-2009. It was much more than I expected to get done, really.

So that's what this next round of revisionism will be about. It's a bit silly to anthologize stuff that hasn't been around for very long, but bands do that all the time now in this transitory digital age, and blog-time is even quicker than dog years. The plan right now is to compile a post each for random gonzo writing and the recent Requiem for a Music Geek series, two posts for geeky politics rants, and one final post as a preview/review of the novel's first draft. Hopefully it'll be done by then.

Summer's gonna be pretty busy here at Chez DuBois, but beginning probably sometime in June, each weekend will have a new Shameless Revisionism mini-anthology post, with linky goodness and totally biased liner notes. Because really, what good is an ego without a little stroking? You've been warned. Again.

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