June 22, 2009

Four Years of Magazine Design and Redesign

Big fancy title for a small post noting completion of the 18th Gifted. Ed journal (12th re-designed, and 13th under my watch) for CAG. Two more to go this year. I've blogged this before, last summer—so this is kind of a repeat, but I just like to see all the covers in front of me, all together. Click on the image to see them all bigger.

It's the same thing I used to do for all the Mojo Wire and Honey White CD covers. It's kind of validating in a way, you know? In a "this is your life" way, I guess.

Anyway, one of them was a WPA/Maggie award finalist last year (the Fall '07 "Language Arts" one), and another is an AEP award finalist this year (the Fall '08 "Visual/Performing Arts" one). I should be finding out soon if we've won the AEP—stay tuned...


  1. I still like "The Brain" cover best -- the fact that it says it ON the brain in the photo is a nice touch, as is the focus being on the think organ rather than the childrens. I know it's a stock photo, but still.

  2. The Brain likes the brain cover best, too. Whereas Pinky could not be reached for comment.


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