July 02, 2009

Deep Cuts Come Out for U2-360

Like wow man, and stuff, totally. My favorite band of rich Irish dorks pulls some old tunes out of their arses for their new tour (via U2log). Do I have tickets? Well, no, no I don't, but there are no tears over that because I'm a big boy now. Seriously, I'm not into seeing stadium shows anymore, even for these guys.

Anyway, they did this for the last tour, of course--playing ancient obscure tunes from "Boy," for example--but I consider this second round of un-mothballing continued good behavior in terms of not Completely Becoming The Stones and Not Totally Sucking.

So, come on feel the YouTube, I guess. From opening night in Barthelona:

Ultraviolet (Light My Way): Last played 8/28/93

The Unforgettable Fire: Last played 1/6/90

...and my pick of the new ones:

No Line on the Horizon

From the second night:

Electrical Storm (a lightweight recent one, but still, never played previously):

I'm holding out for some stuff from the oft-maligned "Pop" album (they did actually rehearse "If God Will Send His Angels," apparently). That one, plus the October and Unforgettable Fire albums would seem to go well with the new stuff.

Okay, the geek hat's coming off now. Sorry.

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